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Taylor Lautner,Garrett Hedlund,
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"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

"I’m 5'6". I feel like I should be taller.
I feel like I'm smaller than my mental stature.
I should be 5'10". 5'10" would be very good."-Kristen Stewart

"our time is running out"
"you can't push it underground"
"you can't stop it screaming out"
- Muse

Waiting For 2011…

Breaking Dawn premiere…. 



Yes she is!!!

and fucking perfect yes

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"…Stuck between the burning shade and the fading light,
I was broken, For a long time, but It’s over now.

Yes and you, and you,…”

“I mean, Kristen’s great. She’s, uh, one of the main reasons why I wanted to do this: just because of her body of work and also just the audition kinda made me feel very differently about it. I had no idea how to do it before the audition. I mean, she’s an extraordinarily talented actress.”-Rob Pattinson

"…from my understanding she seems like an absolute legend of a girl…"-Sam Claflin

One fact about me : I LOVE Kristen’s smile! ♥ 





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